Steps to Hiring a Social Media Manager

You may have come to a point where you’ve realized that you need help with your social media. You keep hearing that social media is the way to go and that brands are selling out just by their prominent social media presence. You know that social media is for you, but you have no idea where to start when it comes to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin ads. Are you frustrated and want to see a change? It’s time to hire a social media manager.

So, first things first, what is a social media manager? She or he is a master communicator, someone who is able to incite action from the likes of strangers and be able to speak directly to your ideal audiences that are already on your preferred social media platforms.

  1. Schedule a discovery call

Before scheduling a discovery call with your potential social media manager, do your research and get a feel for their brand and overall style. Check out their social media pages and learn how well (or poorly) they use social media and have a peek at their followers to see if they are genuine or rather, bought. Scan their website to learn more about the social media marketing services they offer.

  1. Past experience

The second step is to look at their portfolio and their profile on Linkedin. There are a few job titles from their past that should jump out at you. People who have a very heavy background in the digital arts often make great social media managers as they tend to grasp the art of visual storytelling extremely well.

  1. Organisational and research skills

During your discovery call, ask them about their organisational and research skills. Organizational skills are important for any social media manager when it comes to planning and scheduling your content and research skills are important for researching and curating content.

  1. References

Ask them to provide you with a couple of references. When you get in touch with their references you’ll want to know things like how long they have been handling their accounts, what kind of results have been delivered, and what and how have the results been delivered.

  1. Strategic marketing plan

Take note of how your potential social media manager actively listens to you, asking questions about your company vision, goals, your ideal target market and your marketing objectives. This will give you a good indication as to whether this potential social media manager will offer you a cookie-cutter plan or a strategic marketing plan that’s been created just for you.

  1. Your industry

Consider if your potential social media manager has any past experience in your specific industry. This may be valuable but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. As long as he or she asks you all the right questions and presents a fantastic marketing plan for you, an experienced manager can overcome this challenge.

Hopefully these steps help you in finding the perfect candidate to manage your business’s social media and gets your relationship off to a good start. Still need help with your social media management?

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