7 tips to plan ahead for a launch

Many people simply just don’t have the time or effort to plan ahead for a launch, but in order for it to be a success, its crucial to ensure that a hype and anticipation is built up around it… There needs to be evidence that a large number of hours were put in to get it to the final stage. Here are some tips to help you on the journey of creating a successful launch.


  1. Ask your target market

The best way to find out whether your launch will be successful with your target market is simply to go out and ask them. If they are not feeling or buying into the idea of your launch, it may not be as successful as you would have hoped.

  1. Have a countdown to launch

This will not only remind your target audience about your launch and how close it is, but it will also build up anticipation. Share the countdown on your social media platforms with suitably branded graphics.

  1. Craft a cover page

This would be a great way to get news of your launch out to your clients and potential customers, as well as give teasers about your launch. It will also be a successful way to allow customers to see links to your social media which may be giving your launch more scope if it is being shared on those platforms.

  1. Use social media

In this day and age, social media should be at the top of your list while planning a launch. The anticipation should already be building up for your launch by publishing teasers, sharing branded graphics and trying different wording and a range of imagery. You could also consistently be sharing behind the scenes footage of the journey of your preparation up to the launch.

  1. Use live feeds and stories

Instagram stories, Facebook live… These are platforms that offer a much more personal engagement with your audience. Don’t be afraid to allow your viewers a glimpse into behind the scenes and share the developments of your launch.

  1. A free offer

A freebie is a great way to get people into opting into sharing their email addresses. An example of this could be a downloadable guide, checklist or e-book. This freebie not only benefits your audience but also yourself. You have now collected a nice list of email addresses to send out details of your launch.

  1. Everyone loves a secret

Try the strategy of not revealing all your information at once – keep some back to keep people interested. Reveal hints about the product on your social media platforms and to your email list and build up curiosity.


If you’re still having trouble after trying these tips, contact me and I’ll be more than happy to assist you!