Batch Your Content For Instagram

To ensure that your social media is working well, you need to put in the time to enhance and build on your social media strategy. Wonder how successful Instagrammers do it? Any part of a successful strategy should be to batch your content for Instagram. Social media strategies take a lot of time and thought, and how can you give it your full attention if you’re simply jumping between too many tasks? The secret – to batch your content for Instagram. And by batching your content, I mean sitting down and dedicating the time to planning your content in advance. Follow these steps and prevent yourself from scrambling every day to try and get your Instagram post out for the day.


Start with the basics

When setting a goal, first you must clearly define what you want to achieve. For example, a vague goal would be “I want to increase my social media reach”. However, a specific goal might be “I want 100 new followers on Instagram” or “I want to increase my Twitter following by 10%”.


Who is your target audience – create an aesthetic for THEM

You should be able to measure a goal so that you have tangible evidence of your progress. Think about the ways you might be able to tell whether you’re on the right track. Are you looking out for an increase in social interaction with your customers? A decrease in phone queries and e-mails? An increase in positive feedback, or higher customer ratings?


Build your grid

An attainable goal (also called achievable or assignable) is a goal you should really be able to achieve. It should challenge you and help you grow, certainly; but it shouldn’t be way out of your reach. Setting an unrealistic goal will demotivate and discourage you. Maybe 500 new follows in a month is realistic, but 500 new follows every week for four weeks is setting yourself up for disappointment. Make sure that you (or your team) have the right knowledge and skills to make your goal a reality.



A good goal should focus on relevant outcomes. Say, for example, your strategy includes creating video content and uploading it to a dedicated social channel. What are the specific results of that activity – more likes, follows or comments? How do the results (as opposed to the activities themselves) take you closer to your goal?



Also, don’t forget to connect with your followers… Get started with this by incorporating a CTA in your captions and interactivity in your Instagram stories. Ensure that your followers feel that there is an actual person behind your brand.   Batching your Instagram content is the right step in the direction of a powerful marketing strategy. If you’re still struggling to get your Instagram marketing strategy just right, contact me and let’s see where I can be of assistance!