5 social media tips for 2019

Social media marketing in 2019 is going is going to be a lot more different than in 2018 and the years before. Put these five tips into your social media marketing strategy and see how it makes a big difference in terms of finding success on social media.

  1. Facebook ads

Facebook ads are one of the best forms of advertising around today. Facebook has over 2 billion users around the world and because Facebook collects so much data from these users, including you and I, we can leverage that data to reach potential clients specific to your business. The key is to run targeted ads and you can do this by building targeted audiences on the Facebook business platform. You can import data from your email list into Facebook and every time you run ads, you can ensure that your ad is being seen by the right audience. One of the biggest mistakes that marketers do is waste money by just boosting their ads and not directing them to the right targeted audience.

  1. Use Twitter and Instagram as search engines

Let’s face it, these social networks these days now provide users with a lot of data and easy access leaders in specific industries. Make sure as you’re creating content and building relationships on these platforms that you’re also using them as search engines enabling people to find you as they search for you or terms related to your content.

  1. Contributing content on third-party platforms vs. your native website 

Now you might be saying, isn’t the main point to drive traffic to my own website? The answer is yes and no. If you’re trying to grow your own personal brand as a thought leader in your industry, you need to be contributing to established platforms such as LinkedIn, Medium or even apply to be a contributor on different blogs that are relevant to the industry that you work in. By creating content on these third-party platforms, you are now tapping into the benefit of the traffic that uses these websites.

  1. Start your own mastermind group

If you’re struggling to get organic engagement on your content, think of creating your own private group. Whether it is a Facebook group that is private, a WhatsApp chat or a private group on Twitter (which allows you to create private DM groups). Groups allow bringing likeminded colleagues and individuals into your own private space. By creating these groups, you are able to steer the conversation and share your content directly with the audience without coming across as being self-promotional. These are going to be a big trend going forward.

  1. Don’t go chasing the next big thing

Don’t go chase the trends just because you hear there is a new social network. Instead of chasing that new shining object, work within the infrastructure that already exists. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will give you more value and immediate reach than any social network that you can jump on.

Social media is a continuously evolving and developing machine. As marketers and entrepreneurs, it’s an exciting realm to be in. Let 2019 be the year you take charge of your social media and share your content with your perfect audience.

Have you started creating content for 2019?