5 Ways To Write A Better Website Bio

Websites are the pinnacle point of any business. They let the world, and more importantly, your target market know about your business and the services/products that you offer. One of the most crucial parts of your entire website is your website bio page. As human beings, It’s been scientifically proven that talking about yourself makes our brains happy. Then why are we a loss for words when we have so much to say about ourselves while trying to write a simple bio page?


  1. Know your audience and be conversational

Instead of thinking about you, think who you’re writing this website bio for…Write to them! In the past, website bios tended to take a more formal approach. But in many cases, writing a bio that’s readable — even conversational — is actually a better way to go. Write like you’re having a conversation with the individual that you believe would be reading your website bio page.

  1. Find your voice

When writing about yourself you want sell yourself but you don’t want to sound big headed and superior… It can be hard to get the balance, right? Keep in mind your target audience, you are writing this for them, this is not a chance to boost your self-esteem and swoon over your achievements. Think about what they would want to know about you. Know yourself and find your voice. Be authentic. Write about what you know best. If your bio readers ever meet you in person, they should feel as if they already knew you. However, think twice about using humour in your bio (unless you’re a comedian of course).

  1. Remain believable and know your limits

Always remain believable, don’t try to use big fancy words to look good and be careful of jargon used in your industry that your reader may not be familiar with. In fact, keep it punchy and short. The person reviewing your bio is probably reading it alongside others. If yours is noticeably shorter and sharper it will be remembered.

  1. Tell your audience about YOU

Allow people a window to see inside who you are. Yes, it’s important to share information about your product or service, but people will also want to know who you are, what your values are and what you believe in. Share something about yourself that is not business related like running a marathon or that you’re an avid mac and cheese lover. It will give them a sense of whether they can connect to you and if they can connect with you then they’ll want to connect to the product or service you’re trying to sell…

  1. High-quality, up-to-date photographs

Have up-to-date, high-quality photos of yourself looking professional. Look into the camera and make eye contact with whoever may be looking on the page and smile! This will make you seem approachable and trustworthy, you don’t need to be a model – this is you and you are proud to be presented in this way on your bio page.


Set the stage

Your bio page can serve your business well and it’s important to be intentional, to set the stage and to show off who you are beyond what you do! If you’re still having trouble after trying these tips, contact me and I’ll be more than happy to assist you!