Conditioning the mind for entrepreneurship

A large percentage of entrepreneurship is mind over skill. Entrepreneurship is all about taking a dive into the unknown and be willing to take risks. With that in mind, one has to go about conditioning the mind and preparing oneself to handle the challenges of entrepreneurship – emotionally and physically.

Think of the scenario of when an employee that you depend heavily on for a stable income quits on you, or when the proposed deal you were hoping to nail falls through. How do you handle it when your client chooses your competition over you? these are just some of the examples that entrepreneurs have to handle on a monthly basis. Would you be able to turn these negative situations into positive ones?

Here are some points strengthen the mind to endure the pitfalls of entrepreneurship:


1. Strengthening the Mind

Know how to feed your mind and better yourself. Get into the habit of reading great educational and self-help books, attending networking meetups and watching educational and inspiring videos (such as TED talks). It’s time to take charge and enjoy the process of watching yourself grow.

Here are some inspirational TED talk videos to start the flow:


2. Envision and dream

When we envision ourselves reaching a new idea or business goal of any kind, our brain chemicals start to find a way to make it happen. In fact, entrepreneurship demands dreaming. Like Steve Jobs said, “Those people who are foolish enough to think that they can change the World are the ones that actually do”.


3. Optimism

Conditioning oneself for success includes a great deal of optimism – there is no room for passive thinking. In fact, a range of studies suggests that optimism enhances creative thinking.


4. Be Adaptable

Adapting to changing conditions is an essential part of running a business as an entrepreneur. Your circumstances will change all the time, and you have to be ready for it. Without adaptability, you are going to find yourself in serious trouble.


Final Thoughts

It is a long road filled with many highs and low to entrepreneurial success. Conditioning your mind will power you through by constantly keeping you moving. These four approaches will get you on the right track.

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