7 Plugins for the Modern Blogger

Being a modern blogger in 2018 isn’t easy. There are countless of other bloggers out there, which means you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. To stay ahead of the curb, peruse this list of essential plugins for the modern blogger. Guaranteed to give you an edge.

1. SEO by Squirrly plugin

We all know Yoast, but do you know SEO by Squirrly? There are a number of reasons to love it, one of the top being that this plugin provides a live keyword research to find out how competitive your keywords are, ensuring that you grab the best ones for your articles. You can also research relevant blogposts and tweets to insert into your article and the plugin also provides the service of sending you a weekly audit report.

2. Popup Domination plugin

It’s a well-known fact that popups are a great way to grow your subscriber list. The problem is, there are a ton of plugins out there that can do this service for you with many unrelated features – at a hefty price. This led to the discovery of Popup Domination, which is technically not a plugin, rather a service which you can integrate seamlessly with WordPress and every major marketing solution out there. The best thing about this service is that you can get a lot for their most basic package which is probably the most affordable on the market starting at just $9 a month. At this price, you get access to unlimited domains, unlimited popups and more!

3. Content Locker Pro plugin

An increasingly popular way to get more traffic to your blog is through your posts being shared on social media. But how do you get your readers to share your posts? Content Locker Pro only allows a preview of an article with just one or two paragraphs to intrigue the reader and to access the rest, the reader has to share the post on a social media platform. The plugin is easy to use, SEO optimized, lightweight and can be integrated with a lot of email marketing solutions.

4. All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets plugin

If you didn’t know, snippets are basically a short summary of your page which show up in the search results of major search engines. Snippets can be very useful as they make your post stand out from the rest and can lead to much higher click rate. The All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets plugin definitely ranks high in being one of the best plugins for writing snippets for your articles and it’s also a great plugin for boosting SEO.

5. Smush plugin

As a blogger, it’s very likely that you are working with a lot of images. These images take up space on your web server and as a result, tend to have an impact on the overall performance of your website. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to optimize your images by compressing them. The Smush plugin strips hidden information from your images and reduces the file size without losing quality.

6. Ultimate Social Media plugin

Blogging and social media go hand in hand and as a blogger, you absolutely have to offer your audience the ability to share your articles on social media as well as follow you on these platforms. Granted, there are a lot of social media plugins for WordPress, but the Ultimate Social Media plugin is a topnotch choice. This plugin covers 200+ social media platforms and offers 16 different designs including animation for your social media icons. You can also decide to display your social media icons either in the beginning or at the end of every blog post.

7. WP Discuz plugin

Let’s be honest, the default WordPress comment system is extremely limiting. Which is tragic as comments are vital to establish the credibility of your blog posts and encourage engagement with your readers. With a clean and vibrant user interface, WP Discuz is the preferred alternative to the default WordPress comment system. Get to know your readers as they feel encouraged and comfortable to share their thoughts on your work through this plugin.

Final Thoughts

Modern-day blogging significantly differs from the blogging in years gone by. There is a new sense of interactivity that readers are now experiencing when they engage with blogs today. By staying up-to-date with WordPress news and plugins, you can ensure that you continue to strengthen and grow
relationships with your audience and provide them with the experience that they’re after… Happy blogging!